The Palmyra Foundation wishes to thank the many sponsors, corporations and individuals who have helped make our book distributions possible through donations of money, goods and services to the Books4Kids Jamaica program over the years.

2014 Sponsors

Our sponsor’s contributions are truly making a difference, and we wish to thank all the sponsors that were all critical to the 2014 distribution effort:
* Jamaica Tours Ltd., Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Seaboard Freight & Shipping Jamaica Ltd., Montego Bay, Jamaica
* One Book at a Time Foundation Montreal, Canada
* Air Canada Cargo, Montreal, Canada
* Food for the Poor, Jamaica
* Workman Publishing Company, New York, U.S.
* Landmark Associates Ltd. New York, U.S.
* Keith Thorpe Ltd, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Billy Craig Insurance Brokers Ltd, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Resort Condominiums International (RCI), U.S
* Delta Airlines, Caribbean
* Christopher Clarke, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Jackie Hamilton, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Resort Properties, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica Tours Ltd., Montego Bay, Jamaica
Transportation company Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL) continues to be an essential part of bringing distribution teams, books and educational materialsto children in towns and rural areas across Jamaica.In 2014, JTL generously provided transportation services for our book distributions the 7th year running.

“It is important to nurture our children at a tender age and provide them with books so that they can develop a love for reading and ‘story time’. JTL is proud to participate in the Palmyra Foundation’s effort to help eradicate early childhood illiteracy in Jamaica.”
–Noel Sloley Jr., VP of Sales and Marketing, JTL

Seaboard Freight & Shipping Ltd, Montego Bay, Jamaica
This year’s books were shipped to the island courtesy of Seaboard & Freight Jamaica Ltd, who have sponsored the Books4Kids Jamaica program for 5 years by donating shipping and freight services.


One Book at a Time Foundation,Quebec, Canada
A special thank you to LillianeBastien, Frank Litschauer and The Students of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School in Quebec, Canada, who organized book drives and collected 10,000 reading books and educational materials generously flown to Jamaica courtesy of Air Canada Cargo.

“Our students at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, inspired by their love of reading and their sense of global citizenship, took on the challenge of collecting over 10,000 books for the children in Jamaica. The project united students, their families and communities. It became global as we were invited to be part of the Books4Kids distribution. The experience was more than we expected… unforgettable memories of children enchanted by their books, classrooms filled with glorious smiles and contagious giggles. Inspired by the commitment and devotion of the Books4Kids team and our support from Air Canada Cargo, we continue the journey.”
– Lilliane Bastien and Frank Litschauer, The One Book at a Time Project, Canada

Billy Craig Insurance Brokers Ltd, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Billy Craig Insurance Brokers Ltd has been an on-going sponsor of the Books4Kids program since its very beginning.

“An education is the greatest gift of all. The empowerment of mankind to not only survive but to determine one’s own destiny and succeed.” This is what participating in the Palmyra Foundation means to Billy Craig Insurance Brokers and why we are so proud to be a part of this wonderful endeavour.”
– William Craig, CEO, Billy Craig Insurance Brokers Ltd

Food for the Poor, Jamaica
Footballs, shoes and bags of rice courtesy of Food for the Poor were brought to schools located in remote areas of the island by our distribution teams.
2014 Online Charity Auction sponsors
We thank all companies and individuals that participated in our charity auction to raise money for the 2014 book distribution, including;
* Resort Condominiums International (RCI), U.S.
* Delta Airlines, Kingston, Jamaica
* Island Entertainment Brands, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Iberostar Hotel& Resorts, Montego Bay, Jamaica
* Silverpoint Hotels & Resorts, Tenerife, Spain
* Ice Enterprises, Kettering, UK
* JetBlue Airways, New York, U.S.
* Daryl Vaz, Port Antonio, Jamaica
* H-Hotel, Dubai, UAE
* Castello del Nero, Tuscany, Italy
* The Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK
* Frame by Frame, Kingston, Jamaica
* Palace Amusements, Kingston, Jamaica
* Positive Tourism, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Former Sponsors

Pastor Dale and Lady Kimberlyn Jones from Paul Mitchell the School, Nashville, USA
2011 and 2012 Gold Sponsors Dale Jones and his wife Kimberlyn Jones travelled toJamaica with couples Howard and Noreen White and Leon and Carmen Wynters to join the 2012 book distribution. The group, which included 5 ex-pat Jamaicans with a strong wish to help create a better future for the children of their native country, personally delivered books to 850 children at 9 schools in Trelawny, St. James and Westmoreland.

“We felt that our contribution would go a long way to helping children in Jamaica and we have decided to commit to being Gold Sponsors with The Palmyra Foundation as long as it continues to distribute books to children in need. It is one thing to send money, but it is yet another to contribute your time to make a difference in children’s lives. The joy on the faces of the children was priceless to see in person. They were very thankful and overjoyed with our presence at each school.”
– Dale and Kimberlyn Jones, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Crestone Financial Advisors, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Crestone Financial Advisors in Boulder, Colorado, are Silver Sponsors of the 2011 and 2012 book distributions.

“I wanted to experience first-hand how The Palmyra Foundation benefits the children of Jamaica. It was inspiring to tour the schools and meet the teachers, and of course to witness the joy of each child as he or she received their book bag with a BrainQuest Workbook, coloring book, reading books, a pencil and crayons. I felt that we were truly effecting these children’s education and in turn increasing their prospects for a better future.”
–Stacey Kramer, Crestone Financial Advisors