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Prime Minister Holness hand delivers books to 38 kindergarten children at four Campbell's Academy, St. Andrew and talks about early childhood education.


Here is the link to a 2 minute video with highlights from this years distribution.



20 Nov 2015: A 5 minute version of 2015 distribution highlights with more footage from 9 parishes



2 Dec 2015: Short Books4Kids Jamaica 2015 Distribution Video (2 min)



29 Sept: 2015 Books4Kids Jamaica Distribution Video Report from 3 first weeks

Azure TV - Special Edition - Books4Kids Jamaica. Auction open from 1st - 9th May 2015


2014 Book Distribution

Click here to watch video highlights (3 mins) from Books4Kids Jamaica 2014 book distribution to 6,533 children at 72 schools across Jamaica directly on Youtube.

2014 Online Charity Auction – Cinema and Online Commercial (3min 46sec)
Click here for promotional video for Books4Kids Jamaica 2014 Online Charity Auction


2013 Online Charity Auction - CVM TV commercial (30sec)
Promotional TV commercial broadcast on CVM television for 2013 Books4Kids Jamaica Online Charity Auction and Live Bidding Party on March 23, 2013 at Blue Beat, Montego Bay

2013 Online Charity Auction - CVM TV commercial (60 sec)
Books4Kids Jamaica TV commercial featuring Usain Bolts shoes broadcast on CVM TV promoting the 2013 Online Charity Auction live March 1-23.

2013 Online Charity Auction – CVM TV commercial (60 sec)
Books4Kids Jamaica Online Charity Auction commercial with highlights from the 2013 Book Distribution, featuring The Most Honourable P.J. Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica handing out books with Violet Nielson, former Speaker of the House at their alma mater in Somerton, St. James parish, together with charity founder Bob Trotta.


2012 Book Distribution highlights
Highlights from the 2012 Book Distribution

2012 Book Distribution in Maroon Town
2012 Palmyra Foundation book distribution at Chatsworth, Maroon Town, Jamaica


2011 Book Distribution - TVJ Smile Jamaica broadcast
The Palmyra Foundation 2011 Book Distribution was featured on TVJ's Smile Jamaica program on September 9, 2011.


2010 Book Distribution highlights
“This is why we do what we do.”