Tangible Results

Kindergarten students who participate in the Books4Kids program continue to produce excellent results. In 2010, the charity introduced “The Books4Kids Assessment”, a basic mastery test measuring the children’s reading, writing, math and science skills. By diligently measuring the children’s skills at the end of each school year, the charity has a quantifiable way to evaluate its results. The year-end assessment has provided tangible evidence of tremendous improvement among children who receive books from the Books4Kids Jamaica program. 

2014 results: 91% mastery on skills test among 2,627 children at 36 schools

In 2014, an overall mastery of 91% was measured among 2,627 children at 36 schools who completed the annual ‘Books4Kids Assessment’ skill test. An average mastery of 90% was measured among 1,301 four-year old K1 students, while 1,326 five-year old K2 students achieved an overall mastery of 92%.

2013 results: 87% mastery among 1,762 children at 22 schools

In 2013, the overall average mastery level measured among 1,762Kindergarten children at 22 schools was 87%. While the 4 year old students (K1) measuring an average 86% on the skill test, the 5 year old (K2) students who had received books two years in a row measured a higher average mastery of 89%. Moreover, an average mastery of above 90% was measured at eight schools.

2012 test results: 86% mastery among 1,590 children at 15 schools

In 2012, the charity measured a remarkable 86% average mastery in reading, writing, math and science skills among 1,590 Kindergarten children who received books from The Palmyra Foundation at the start of the school year. Moreover, an average success rate of above 90% was measured at four schools. The results were praised by the Jamaica Observer newspaper, that stated; ‘Palmyra Foundation deserves high commendation for its book distribution programme under the banner, “The future is bright when you can read and write.” Click here to read more

2011 test results: 88% mastery among 474 children at 12 schools

In 2011, our annual “Books4Kids Assessment”provided the first quantifiable, measured results and evidence of the immediate and significant impact of Books4Kids Jamaica’s book distributions. The charity tested 474 four year old (K1) students, who had received books from the charity at the beginning of the school year. Only a year after completing their first ever assessment,results stood out among several smaller rural schools where improvement of up to 43%mastery were measured on the skill test.

2010 test results: 69% mastery among 833 at 12 schools

In 2010, the charity measured an average mastery of 69% among 833 four year old (K1) children who had not received books to provide a base level for further assessments.

“The books have helped improve my sons reading level immensely. They have also created a closer bond between my son and I as we work together, reading and answering questions.”

– Ava Roper, Parent of student at Falmouth Infant School, Trelawny