The Schools

Since it’s startup in 2007, the Foundation has donated 155,000 books to 43,000 children in 130 schools across Jamaica’s 14 parishes at a value of more than US$870,000.

In September 2014, the Palmyra Foundation distribution team visited 72 infant schools in St. James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, Hanover, Portland St. Catherine and Kingston to hand deliver books valued at US$196,000 to 6,533 pre-school, pre-K and Kindergarten children during their first weeks of school.

List of schools

Parish of Kingston

– All Saints Infant School, Denham Town
– Allman Town Infant School, Allman Town
– Calabar Infant School, Rae Town 
– John Mills Infant Shool, Kingston 
– Mona Commons Infant, Mona Commons
– St. Anne's Infant School, Kingston
– St. George's Girls School, Kingston
– Union Garden Infant School, Kingston 

Parish of Portland

– Hope Bay Disciples of Christ, Hope Bay
– Little Folks Caring and Learning , Buff Bay
– Port Antonio Infant, Port Antonio 

Parish of St. Andrew

– Mount Charles Basic School, Mt. Charles
– St. Michaels ECI, Mavis Bank

Parish of St. Ann

– Colgate Basic, Ocho Rios
– Fort George Primary and Infant, Concord 
– Runaway Bay Basic School, Runaway BAy

Parish of Trelawny

– Albert Town Infant, Albert Town
– Alps Infant, Ulster Spring 
– Calabar ECI, Rio Bueno 
– Falmouth Infant, Falmouth  
– Freemans Hall Infant, Albert Town 
– Hampden Infant, Hampden 
– Hauge Primary and Infant School 
– Piedmont Basic School
– Spring Gardens Infant, Rock Spring  
– Salt Marsh Primary and Infant School
– Waldensia Primary

Parish of St. James

– Bickersteth Infant School, Bickersteth
– Barrett Town Primary School, Barrett Town 
– Buckingham All Age School, Montego Bay 
– Cambridge Infant School, Cambridge 
– Catherine Hall Primary & Infant School, Montego Bay 
– Central Basic School, Norwood 
– Chatsworth Primary & Infant– Faith Kinder Prep School, Maroon Town 
– Flamstead Kids Basic School, Flamstead Gardens P.A. 
– Goodwill All Age & Infant School, Chatham 
– Granville All Age & Infant, Granville 
– Green Pond Primary & Infant School, Green Pond 
– Industry Basic School, Somerton 
– Lethe Primary & Infant School, Lethe 
– Lilliput Marinata Basic School, Lilliput 
– Maldon Basic School, Maroon Town 
– Maroon Town Basic School, Maroon Town
– Montego Bay Infant School (4 year olds), Montego Bay 
– Montego Bay Infant School (5 year olds), Montego  Bay 
– Mount Horeb Infant School, Mount Horeb 
– Mount Zion Primary and Infant School, Montego Bay 
– Providence Heights Infant School, Montego Bay 
– Rose Hall Basic School, Montego Bay 
– Rose Heights Basic School, Montego Bay 
– Salt Spring Primary & Infant , Salt Spring
– Somerton All Age & Infant School, Somerton 
– Spicy Hill Basic School, Spicy Hill 
– Spot Valley Basic School, Spot Valley 
– Spring Mount Primary & Infant, Spring Mount, Johhn's Hall P.O. 
– Sterling Reading School, Reading 
– Success Infant & Primary, Barrett Town 
– Sudbury Primary & Infant, Sudbury
– Vaughansfield Primary & Infant School, Flamstead Gardens 
– Westhaven Children's Home for the Disabled, Copse

Parish of Hanover

–  Bethel Infant School, Hopewell
– Cacoon Primary & Infant, Cacoon District
– Esher Full Gospel Basic, Esher
– Grange ECI, Grange
– Lucea Infant School, Lucea
– Pondside Primary & Infant, Pondside, Great Valley
– Sandy Bay Infant School, Sandy Bay
– Upper Rock Spring Primary & Infant School, Upper Rock Spring

Parish of Westmoreland

– Caledonia All Age & Infant School, Darliston
– Enfield Primary and Infant School, Darliston
– Haddo Primary & Infant School, Ramble P.O.
– Holly Hill Infant School, Bigwoods, Holly Hills
– Kew Park Primary & Infant School, Kew Park, Lambs River P.O.
– Little Bay All Age School, Little Bay, Little London
– Mint Road ECI, Grange Hill
– Mount Airy Basic School, Negril
– Mt. Eagle ECI, Grange Hill
–New Works Primary & Infant School, New Works, Darliston
– Peggy Barry Primary & Infant School, Grange Hill

Parish of St. Catherine

– Dover Castle Basic School, Spanish Town 
– Eltham Early Childhood Development Centre, Spanish town 
– Redwood Primary School, Spanish town